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Digital registration

1. Digital registration

The health professional records the patient’s data and anamnesis for identification and traceability

Humanized collection

2. Humanized collection

A blood sample is collected by finger prick or a nasopharynx sample using a flocked swab

Scanning the sample

3. Scanning the sample

The sample is put into the exam capsule and placed in the Hilab device for scanning and sending

Analysis of the result

4. Analysis of the result

In our lab, a healthcare professional and our artificial intelligence verify the result.

Signed report

5. Signed report

Our health professional signs the digital report and sends it by e-mail for continuity of care

Health Data Tracking

6. Health Data Tracking

Our devices are connected via the Internet of Things, generating real-time health data

Why Remote Lab Testing Goes Beyond a Simple Rapid Test?

Remote Lab Testing

Rapid Test

Registration and anamnesis before the test

Less invasive and painless collection, without using a syringe

Uses Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things for a more reliable result

Results in minutes

Report signed by health professionals

Report sent to the patient's phone

Training for professionals to perform the tests

24/7 technical support

Patient service channel

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