The smallest and fastest molecular biology device

Hilab Molecular is a unique diagnostic telemedicine device on the market,results within 1 hour.

Hilab Molecular

Versatile, easy to maintain, and handle

9.9 cm tall and 220 g

Lightweight and adaptable to any space

WiFi and USB communication interface

Internet of Things (IoT) for data transmission

End-to-end encryption

Protection of patient data.

Temperature cycling system

Monitored heating and cooling

CMOS capture sensor

Sample reading and reaction digitization

Color system panel

Feedback on operating steps.

C4i0 artificial intelligence

Double-check the exam result together with the specialist
Hilab Flow
Hilab Molecular

Perform a NAAT methodology

Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT) are highly sensitive molecular biology methods that allow the identification of RNA or DNA.

How does our PCR-LAMP methodology work? It is an isothermal DNA amplification technique, using a DNA polymerase enzyme with strip detachment activity, and primers that form loops on the DNA strand. The technique has the advantage of being faster compared to PCR and has equivalent precision. Detection of PCR-LAMP is done by fluorescence or colorimetry.

If the genetic material analyzed is RNA, the PCR-LAMP technique is preceded by the reverse transcription (RT) step to convert RNA into DNA using the reverse transcriptase enzyme.

Results within
1 hour

From the collection to the digitally signed report sending, with the agility that your daily routine requires.

Patient app

How does Hilab Flow work?

Exam preparation icon

Exam preparation

  1. Hilab Molecular’s Connection to the Platform
  2. Equipment calibration every 24 hours
  3. Registration of patient data and anamnesis
  4. Biological sample collection
  5. RNA or DNA extraction tube
Icone Hilab in action

Molecular Hilab in Action

  1. Insertion into the device for transcription, amplification, and identification
  2. Reaction validation with positive, negative, and internal control
  3. Scan and send to Hilab’s remote lab
Remote clinical analysis laboratory icon

Remote clinical analysis

  1. Double-check by a health professional and artificial intelligence
  2. Digitally signed report submission

Important: the inputs needed to carry out the tests must be kept refrigerated at -20°C.

Molecular testing of COVID-19 in the palm of your hand

Reduce the results time from an average of 3 days to 1 hour and contribute to fighting the pandemic.

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