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Agile and humanized lab tests ideal for you who are looking for a complete healthcare service. After sample collection, the results are analyzed and the signed report is sent to the patient within minutes.

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How can HiLab help you?

Our lab testing service adapts to what you need


Value the pharmacist, expand your healthcare services, build customer loyalty and increase your revenues.

Medical Clinic

Your patient gets the lab work done and the medical appointment in a single day in your clinic.

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Why choose HiLab service?


We were the pioneer clinical analysis laboratory in remote lab tests in Brazil


Exam results delivered in 30 minutes on average


Our results are double-checked by healthcare professionals and a proprietary artificial intelligence


Support and laboratory available 24/7

Humanized approach

We are also people on our side


We are in more than 4,000 places in Brazil alone

We offer more than 30 types of lab tests

Our portfolio allows you to choose the perfect exams for your needs. Check out some of them!

Do not worry. Our consultants will guide you to choose the best exams for you!

What our customers say

Discover the experience of some of our more than 4,000 customers.


“Partnering with HiLab has been critical to helping our customers minimize their operational risks and include routine testing and examinations in their security protocols.”

Marcia de Moraes Erbs,
Operations Manager at

“When we partnered with HiLab, we were excited by the idea of being something technological and innovative, capable of democratizing and allowing people in the most remote places to take exams and have minimal assistance. Now, for example, we are going to the interior of the state of Amazonas, where there is no laboratory, to test people against dengue.”

Camila Santos,
Healthcare Service Manager at Bemol Farma

Laboratório São João

“HiLab technology provides comfort never experienced before in clinical laboratories. In addition to the range of exams, they are quick, practical, and painless.”

Leni de Freitas Cardoso,
Owner of the São João laboratory chain

Viasoft Connect

“For us, it was important that people who participated in the Viasoft Connect event had the impact of innovation even before entering the event space,  we chose a high-tech high-quality solution for testing for COVID-19 with a differentiated analysis technology.”

Maicon Lucca,
Responsible for planning and executing the Viasoft Connect event

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