Inside Hilab Flow

Created in 2017, Hilab Flow is a multi-method device that digitizes samples for remote lab tests. It provides, with the aid of artificial intelligence, reports signed by experts.

Hilab Flow

A unique lab device

13 cm tall and 450 g

Compact and portable, Hilab Flow goes where you need.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication interface

Internet of Things (IoT) for data transmission.

End-to-end encryption

Protection of patient data.

Optical density and colorimetry reading systems

Identification of the exam and digitization of the reaction.

Exam Capsules with QR Code

Reliable tracking of sample and patient data.

Color system panel

Feedback on operating steps.

C4i0 artificial intelligence

Double verification of the exam result together with an expert
Hilab Flow

4 methods in 1 device


Qualitative or quantitative identification of infectious diseases, hormones, and other analytes, by a specific association of antibodies with conjugated colored particles.


(coming soon)

Quantitative detection of infectious diseases by antigen-antibody interaction using fluorophores.


Quantitative detection of the analyzed compound concentration related to the intensity of the color produced by chemical reaction.

Dry chemistry

(coming soon)

Use of dry reagents to trigger chemical reactions for analytes detection without using any liquid.

Results within
30 minutes

From the collection to the digitally signed report sending, with the agility that your daily routine requires.

Patient app

How does Hilab Flow work?

Exam preparation icon

Exam preparation

  1. Hilab Flow Connection to Platform
  2. Equipment calibration every 24 hours
  3. Registration of patient data and anamnesis
  4. Blood or nasopharyngeal sample collection
  5. The sample is placed on the test strip to start the reaction
Icone Hilab in action

Hilab Flow in Action

  1. Insertion of the QR Code capsule into the Hilab Flow reader
  2. Exam identification
  3. Scans the sample and sends it to the Hilab laboratory
  4. The device expels the capsule and you can start another exam
Remote clinical analysis laboratory icon

Remote clinical analysis

  1. Double-check by a health professional and an artificial intelligence
  2. Submission of the digitally signed report within 30 minutes

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