Democratizing access to healthcare: this is our purpose

Hilab believes that all people should have access to quality healthcare services. Discover our story and find out how we are transforming the healthcare market by taking our Remote Lab service and other solutions to all the corners of Brazil and the world.

Our pillars

We area human

We are

“We understand that a diverse and safe environment is essential for our Hiers to express who they are, suggest improvements, question structures, and, above all, obtain professional and personal development through major challenges. This is how we make our mission possible: our employees solve their challenges in a collaborative way.”

Natalia - People

We area transformers

We are

“We use technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to develop and launch innovative devices that are transforming the laboratory market. We believe that all people should have access to healthcare and not just some.”

Guilherme - Dev Ops

We are agile

We are

“We believe that we can bring healthcare where no one else does and in the shortest time possible. In addition to speeding up the delivery of our devices, we are constantly looking for new logistical solutions so that our customers and patients always have Hilab exams available wherever they are.”

Nayara - Logistics

We area accessible

We are

“Today 50% of the population lives 6km away from a Hilab service. Our team continually works to help people find a Hilab partner nearby.”

Theodore - Sales

We area careful

We are

“When we say that we want to 'make healthcare accessible to all', we are also committing to offer services with high-quality standards. From choosing suppliers to validating our exams, we are demanding and careful in all our processes.”

Débora - Quality

We area simple

We are

“We believe that making health accessible to all people is also simplifying access to health education. In all our communication, we adopt a didactic and clear posture, which facilitates understanding.”

Micheli - Marketing

Hilab Leaders

Marcus Figueredo

Marcus Vinícius Mazega Figueredo


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Sérgio Rogal

Sérgio Rogal


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Carlos Chaves

Carlos Eduardo Chaves


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Bernardo Almeida

Bernardo Montesanti Almeida

Medical Director

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Hellen Carvalho

Hellen Carvalho

Director of Success and Customer Service

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Júlio Felix

Júlio C. Felix

Institutional and Government Relations Officer

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Marcelo Cossetin

Marcelo Cosseetin

Product and Development Director

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Giovanni Bertolli

Giovanni Bertolli

Production and Logistics Director

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How we started

Our story begins in 2004 when entrepreneurs and university friends Marcus Figueredo and Sérgio Rogal became partners and created Hi Technologies, now known as Hilab.

During the internship in a computer lab at the university, they got to know telemedicine and fell in love with the possibilities to transform healthcare. A year later, they had already created the OpenVida Network, a system that allowed doctors to monitor ICU patients via telemedicine.

How we started

From software to hardware: Milli, our ICU pulse oximeter

The company grew and the dream of the two friends took shape. The small team did not stop Hilab from creating, years later, in 2009, the world’s first humanized pulse oximeter: the Milli, now distributed by Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology.

The equipment is considered one of the most advanced worldwide! At that time, Hilab had 11 employees.

Milli is born

UN recognition and first investor

In 2016, Positivo Informática invested in Hilab, which enabled continuous work on new projects to humanize and reinvent medical technology.

That same year, Hilab was chosen by the UN and DNV GL Business Assurance, a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, as a case in the report “The Future of Spaceship Earth” for the third global goal of sustainable development: Health and Welfare.

The purpose of the award was to show companies that were creating technologies capable of making the planet meet the Sustainable Development Goals. We were the only company chosen in South America.

UN recognition

Software, Hardware, and Lab Science: The Hilab lab service is launched!

Aiming to increasingly democratize access to healthcare, in 2017 Hilab was born, a complete Remote Lab Testing service. We created a breakthrough in point of care testing connecting our central lab to the point of care using proprietary hardware, AI, and IoT with strong tech partners like Microsoft, Intel & Qualcomm.

With the Hilab lab service, anyone can run a blood test with a sample of just a few drops of blood from the tip of their finger.

Within 30 minutes, the patient receives the report signed by health professionals from the Hilab clinical analysis central lab, ready to take to the doctor. In 2018, this innovation brought to Hilab a prestigious award: Inova Saúde in the Medical-Hospital category.

Hilab device


The biggest challenge in our entire history was yet to come: the new coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of the crisis, our team has done everything in its power to take the COVID-19 exams to the greatest number of people in Brazil.

  • We were one of the first laboratories to launch a COVID-19 exam in Brazil
  • We increased our production and reporting capacity by more than 50 times
  • We expanded our factory, lab, and staff by 300%
  • We executed more than 2 million exams. From indigenous villages to the Rocinha favela, we brought healthcare to every corner of Brazil

New releases

Even during the pandemic, we launched other tests that are important for preventive and urgent care, such as our Kidney Function test.

We also launched a new lab service for conducting molecular biology tests: Hilab Molecular, which delivers results within 1 hour.

Today we have a portfolio of more than 40 Remote Lab Tests and a research and innovation lab that is continuously working on the development of new devices and tests for our laboratory service.

Hilab Molecular

Capillarity is our mission

Currently, 50% of the Brazilian population is 6 km away from a Hilab.

This is only possible because we have a team of engaged employees and thousands of healthcare professionals who share with us the dream of making healthcare accessible to all.

Closer and closer