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We were born in 2004

Friends and entrepreneurs, Marcus Figueredo and Sérgio Rogal founded Hi Technologies, now known as Hilab , a company that specializes in health tech.

In 2017, we created the Hilab service

Our lab testing service was born to expand access to healthcare to more people, with portable telemedicine devices that make diagnoses possible anywhere!

We operate in different segments

Pharmacies, Public Health, Clinics, Laboratories, Companies and Health Insurance Companies.

So far...

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We want to democratize people's access to healthcare, through the reinvention and humanization of diagnostic technology

Currently, 50% of the Brazilian population is less than 6km away from a Hilab device and more than 2 million people have already taken one of our exams.

Brazil map

Stories that make us proud

In March 2020, we were the first company in Brazil to launch a coronavirus test with results in minutes and a report signed by experts.

Hilab Flow

We created the Hilab Molecular, the first molecular biology testing device with results within 1 hour.

Hilab Molecular

We participated with the Brazilian Federal Government in the Kayapó Mission in the north of the country, which took telemedicine to remote areas such as indigenous villages.

Indigenous taking exam

We participated in the Favela sem Corona (Favela without Corona) action in Rocinha, carrying out tests with community residents, which helped to detect positive cases and raise awareness among the population.

Rocinha community

We co-developed the Tainá Platform, used by the Butantan Institute to centralize and manage epidemiological and vaccination data during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tainá Platform

We collaborated on Project S, the first clinical study in the world for the effectiveness of CoronaVac in reducing the transmission of COVID-19, in partnership with Butantan Institute and the city of Serrana, in the state of São Paulo.

Opening Project S

Between February and April, we maintained a 2.35% positivity with our mass testing strategy for COVID-19 at Hilab .

Patient performing exam

COVID-19 testing of Petrobras’ SIX and REPAR refineries employees since March 2021.

Patient performing exam

In April 2021, we launched the Hilab Testing Space for COVID-19 at Afonso Pena Airport in Curitiba.

Hilab Space at Afonso Pena Airport

Spokespersons who can tell you more about Hilab

Marcus Vinícius Mazega Figueredo

Marcus Vinícius Mazega Figueredo


Bernardo Montesanti Machado de Almeida

Bernardo Montesanti Machado de Almeida

Chief Medical Officer

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