Hilab Quality Standards: Understand Why Our Service Is Reliable

Hilab has combined the experience of healthcare specialists with the best of technology to deliver an agile service that complies with all the demands of the lab market. Meet the teams responsible for ensuring our internal processes’ quality, in addition to the certifications, recognitions, and awards we have received.

Internal Quality Control

Allows us to assess the precision and accuracy of our analytical methods, ensuring the safety of the results provided

The procedures established by Hilab’s internal quality control comply with items 9.1 and 9.2 of Anvisa’s RDC 302, published in October 2005. They ensure the quality of lab processes and the provision of valid results, thus contributing to clinical diagnosis effectiveness.

Who are the teams that make this rigorous routine possible?


Responsible for the production of all Hilab exams following the technical specifications of RDC 302/2005 from Anvisa. From choosing the best suppliers to assembling the test kits sent to customers, FabLab carries out all the production planning and control.


Responsible for executing the quality control of all Hilab processes. This team runs tests and analyzes them constantly, keeping the variability of the analysis process under control. This team is also responsible for evaluating the efficiency of the production process. Kit functionality, system operation, and reactivity are some parameters that are frequently evaluated.

Analytical validation

Hilab works with an internal validation process that is carried out by a specialized team. It consists of a set of experiments carried out within the Hilab lab and aims to understand all test characteristics, as well as training our Artificial Intelligence to interpret these characteristics.

Double-check and report signed by experts

Quality does not end with the validation of exams

The result of each Hilab exam goes through a double-check process: by our Artificial Intelligence and by our clinical analysis specialists. The reports follow the ISO 27001 security standards of data encryption.

External quality control

Allows you to determine the performance of the analysis phase of a clinical lab. Also called Clinical Proficiency Test (PT), it assesses the technical quality and is mandatory for clinical labs, according to Anvisa’s RDC 302/2005.

As a provider of this proficiency test, Hilab partners with Controllab, Brazil’s largest quality control company.

Controllab's Proficiency Test

The Proficiency Test (PT) consists of results evaluations obtained from the analysis of unknown samples that simulate patients and has the seal of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML).

“At PT, samples are sent blindly to a group of labs, which analyze the results. Reports are periodically made available so that we can check the performance of our lab, besides identifying improvements related to the testing system, equipment, and technical staff.”

Debora Dreveniak, Quality Manager at Hilab.


Continuous improvement and innovation always based on the quality of all internal and external processes brought Hilab some awards

100 Startups to Watch 2020

Small Business & Big Business

Future of Spaceship Earth 2016

UN Case

Global Entrepreneurship Competition, Barcelona

16 most promising developments in the world

Food and Drug Administration Certification

Awarded by the US Federal Department of Health and Human Services

National Innovation Award

Technological Innovation Category

Inova Health Award

Medical-hospital category, promoted by ABIMO

High Impact Business Winner

Small Business & Large Business Innovation Category

1st place in the Brazil Medtech Awards 2021 contest

Promoted by the government and seeking Brazilian startups with the best innovations for the healthcare sector

Our track record, so far

Our commitment to the quality of our service has already led us to more than 4,000 customers spread across Brazil.

Do not hesitate. Work with Hilab and offer quality Remote Lab Testing.

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