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Centificates and Licenses


Document that authorizes, among other attributions, the operation of Hilab.

Sanitary License

Document that certifies our operational, structural and sanitary conditions for economic activity of interest to health.


The Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Paraná certifies that Hilab is qualified to carry out its activities.

ISO 9001/2015

It attests to the systemic approach to quality management and business management, ensuring that the needs of all interested parties are met.

ISO 13485/2016

It certifies that our management system is capable of providing healthcare products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Technical responsability

Its purpose is to disclose to customers and society the name of the Manager in charge of the technical services provided.

Certified by Controllab

Clinical Proficiency Test that evaluates our technical quality and is mandatory for clinical laboratories, according to RDC 786/2023, from ANVISA.

CRBM Regularity Certificate

Certification that demonstrates the regularity of the company with the Regional Council of Biomedicine.

ISO 27001

The organization follows the guidelines established by the ISO 27001 standard, which aims to protect the confidentiality and availability of essential business data.


To ensure the safety of the results provided, we have a rigorous
Quality Control that directly follows the guidelines of ANVISA's RDC 302/2005.

Three Hilab teams lead this process:

Laboratory control

Responsible for planning and executing Laboratory Quality Control, including Internal Quality Control.


It performs the quality control of processes and the production of our remote laboratory test kits.

Analytical validation

Conducts studies with inputs, equipment and artificial intelligence training for correct interpretation of results.

Scientific research

We also gathered a team of more than 40 researchers who carry out studies on the most diverse areas of Biotechnology.

External Quality Control

The performance of the exams was attested by the Clinical Proficiency Test (EP) by Controllab, the largest Brazilian laboratory quality control company.

The EP is performed through analysis of unknown materials, which simulate patients and has the approval of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML).

Double Checking of Exams

The result of all Hilab exams goes through a double verification process, which consists of:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    We created an AI to carry out this process, in addition, it is constantly trained to perform the first sample analysis.

  2. Hilab specialists

    The Reporting team validates and reports each result, whether it is a clinical analysis specialist or a hematology specialist, which also guarantees AI learning.

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