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We want to democratize access to science

Hilab is more than a clinical laboratory. We create diagnostic technology solutions to improve health scenarios everyday.

We’re a Brazilian health tech that’s proud of being part of this giant movement towards science and health in Brazil and worldwide. We make this happen through a team that already has 40 researchers and growing. Furthermore, we network with the external scientific community. This brings us ideas, know-how, and meaningful experiences.

We amplify our impact using the synergy between life sciences, state of the art technology, and epidemiology. The result is a remote lab test service with multiple registered patents and projects inside and outside our company.

We want to produce more valuable and accessible science every day, for the greatest number of people. We want to transform people’s lives through the application of scientific knowledge.

Hilab’s lab service is only possible because we invest and believe in science. What we research today can turn out to be an imaginable contribution to human health tomorrow.

We invite you to meet Hilab’s research areas, people, and outreach. Follow our publications and partnerships projects.

Research and Development Areas


A technique that uses specific association of antibodies with conjugated particles for the quantitative or qualitative detection of analytes.

Molecular Biology

A method that identifies and analyses RNA and DNA molecules present in genetic material samples.


Use of optical instruments that maximize the resolution of cells and their structures for diagnostic investigation.


Use of electrochemical sensors to detect analytes by measuring the electrical signal on the electrode surface.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Development of machines capable of performing tasks similar to the human mind, such as learning and reasoning, applied to diagnostic telemedicine.

Data Science

The area that studies data for decision making through the extraction, structuring, and search for patterns.

Embedded systems

Development of programs and systems in microprocessors to perform activities in diagnostic devices.


Statistical and systematic analysis of environmental, biological, and socioeconomic factors involved in the propagation of health events in society.

Our teams and people

Meet the people that make the union between health and technology possible through applied scientific research.


COVID-19 antigen point-of-care tests performance comparison
Gabriele Luise Neves Alves, Thainá Caroline Schuartz de Jesus, Lucca Centa Malucelli, Halanna de Paula Riedi, Carolina Melchioretto dos Santos - 13th International Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CIFARP 2021)

Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) as a Reliable Tool for Assessing Reaction Time in Immunochromatography Tests
Lucca Centa Malucelli, Gabriele Luise Neves Alves, Matheus Gonçalves Severo, Halanna de Paula Riedi, Carolina Melchioretto dos Santos - 13th International Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CIFARP 2021)

Quantifying Variation in the Clinical Laboratory for Improving External Quality Control
Lucca Centa Malucelli, Caroline Brêtas, Halanna de Paula Riedi, Gabriele Luise Neves Alves, Matheus Gonçalves Severo, Carolina Melchioretto dos Santos, Débora Kulka Amarante e Silva Dreveniak - 13th International Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CIFARP 2021)

Institutional partners

We are proud to partner with some of the top private and public universities, associations, and research centers in Brazil and abroad.

Independent medical committee

Dr. Marileia Scartezini, PhD

Ph.D. of Genetic Markers (UCL), Doctorate of Genetics (UFPR) with a sandwich semester at USP, Master’s Degree of Biochemistry (UFPR), Bachelor’s Degree of Pharmacy and Biochemistry (UFPR), Specialization in Familial hypercholesterolemia (USG).

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Dr. Tania Martinez, PhD

Physician, Doctorate of Molecular Biology (UNIFESP). Teacher at UNIFESP.

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Dr. Maria Lucia Cardoso Gomes Ferraz, PhD

Physician (UNIFESP), Ph.D. (UMICH), Doctorate of Gastroenterology (UNIFESP), Master’s Degree of Gastroenterology (UNIFESP).

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Dr. João Samuel de Holanda Farias, MsC

Physician (UNCISAL) with residency in Clinical Medicine (HGRS), and Hematology and Hemotherapy (HC-UFPR). Specialization in Bone Marrow Transplantation (HC-UFPR) and Master's Degree of Health Sciences (PUCPR).

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Dr. Álvaro Réa

Physician (UFPR), Master’s Degree of Internal Medicine (UFPR), Residency in Internal Medicine (UFPR), and Specialization in Intensive Medicine (AMIB).

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Scientific Outreach

Let’s democratize access to science together

Are you interested in doing a Master’s or Doctor Degree with us, or do you want to be our institutional partner for new solutions development?

Send your message to [email protected] and let’s advance science together!

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