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Hilab is a technology company, but it is a human connections company first. Without our partners, it would not be possible to give access to healthcare to so many people. Find out more about them!

Meet some of our partners

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Partnerships that make us proud

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A unique partnership in a pioneering study by the Butantan Institute

Between February and April 2021, Butantan Institute, in partnership with Hilab and the city of Serrana in São Paulo, carried out Project S, the first clinical study to determine the effectiveness of CoronaVac.

We at Hilab co-developed the Tainá Data Management Platform, used in this and other projects in the state of São Paulo. In addition, we performed beta hCG tests on women from Serrana to detect pregnant women who couldn’t receive the vaccine.

"With our service, the city didn’t need to set up a large lab structure to process the samples."

Bruna Gelain, Biomedical and Customer Success Specialist at Hilab

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The São João's Laboratory care for the patient

The São João Chain, founded in 1987 in the city of Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, today is a chain that has 7 laboratories, 6 clinics, and a hospital. They knew they needed to differentiate themselves from their competitors, so they chose a solution that would transform their patients' experience and comfort.

"Hilab ’s service provides comfort never experienced before in clinical laboratories. In addition to the portfolio of exams, they are quick, practical, and painless."

Rhaniel Freitas, owner of São João Chain

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How Viasoft Connect brought 260 people together safely during the pandemic

Considered one of the main innovation events in Brazil, Viasoft Connect had the challenge of holding the 2020 edition despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the event was online, 260 people were present on the day. To keep everyone safe, organizers searched for a mass testing solution. That is how they found Hilab . In less than 30 minutes, each participant had a signed report proving the absence of the coronavirus.

“Participating in the testing gave people incredible peace of mind. It was a period in which the number of COVID-19 cases in Curitiba was increasing, so the testing brought a feeling of security to everyone.”

Maicon Lucca, responsible for the planning and execution of the Viasoft Connect event

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GNSYS and Hilab uniting technology and humanization to offer agile solutions in occupational health

GNSYS is an intelligent health management company that helps managers make decisions based on employee health. In addition to preventive action and health policy advice, GNSYS teamed up with Hilab to help other companies during the pandemic with remote lab tests and real-time data.

“The partnership with Hilab is fundamental for us to be able to help our customers to minimize their operational risks and to include the routine of tests and exams in their security protocols.”

Marcia de Moraes Erbs, Operations Manager at GNSYS

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How Cruzeiro Drugstores went beyond drug dispensing

Pharmacies are changing, and Cruzeiro is part of that change. The chain of 10 drugstores and 2 manipulation pharmacies operates in Ituiutaba and three other cities in the state of Minas Gerais. To go beyond dispensing drugs, they created the Cruzeiro Pharmaceutical Service and hired Hilab ’s remote lab service.

“The pharmacist of the past was seen as responsible for dispensing drugs and the pharmacy was seen as a convenience store in some cases. However, today the focus has changed and is directed to providing services. We became a real healthcare establishment.”

John Cássio, Supervisor at Cruzeiro Chain

Why did they choose Hilab ?

Human and personalized service

Human and personalized service

Remote lab testing specialist

Remote lab testing specialist

Results on average within 30 minutes
Results on average within 30 minutes
Double-verification of results
Double-verification (AI and Human Specialist) of results
Lightweight, portable, and easy-to-handle devices
Lightweight, portable, and easy-to-handle devices
Daily Notifications to Public Health Epidemiological Surveillance
Daily Notifications to Public Health Epidemiological Surveillance
Support available 24/7
Support available 24/7
Real-time epidemiological analytics data platform
Real-time epidemiological analytics data platform

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