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1-hour molecular biology test

HiLab’s PCR-LAMP is the fastest molecular biology remote analysis test for COVID-19. It uses a widely known technique – RT-LAMP -, which allows you to detect infectious diseases safely and in less time than with common tests.

What is a Remote Lab Test?

A remote Lab Test (RLT) is an exam that can be performed outside of a clinical analysis lab.

The HiLab PCR-LAMP RLT uses the RT-LAMP technique of loop-mediated isothermal amplification. Its differential is to offer a double-checked report by an artificial intelligence and by a specialist from our lab.

Single Molecular Biology text ready within 1 hour

The result of the PCR-LAMP HiLab test comes out in just 1 hour, making it ideal for rapid testing in clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and other places.

Ideal for the early-stage infection, with a wide detection window

From the 3rd to the 15th day after exposure or from the 1st to the 10th day after symptoms onset

Analogous technique to RT-PCR

Faster testing does not require expensive inputs and equipment, unlike RT-PCR. Like the RT-PCR test, it has high levels of sensitivity and specificity.

Performing the HiLab Molecular
Biology test is simple and fast

Differentials of HiLab exams

Service differentials


HiLab tests undergo a double verification process from our Artificial Intelligence and our clinical analysis experts.

24/7 technical support

Our lab is available 24 hours a day. When hiring our services, you have the support of experts to solve all your questions about HiLab exams.

Report signed by a health professional

A healthcare professional from the HiLab laboratory digitally signs your reports.

Training and monitoring

We offer complete training on how to carry out the sample collection, connect the equipment, and guidance on our tests.

Data intelligence

The entire HiLab system works connected to the internet, which allows real-time updating of a database that shows all information about the exams performed.

Differentials for the patient

More affordable price

The test that uses the RT-LAMP technique is cheaper when compared to the RT-PCR test, even if the reliability of the result is the same.

Result within 1 hour

The patient can continue the medical appointment on the same day or leave the health facility with the result in hand. The test result is 72 times faster when compared to the RT-PCR technique.

Humanized collection

The collection of the nasopharyngeal sample is made with a thinner and more comfortable cotton swab.

Indications and specifications of the PCR-LAMP test for COVID-19

The PCR-LAMP RLT uses the loop-mediated isothermal amplification technique - RT-LAMP to detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA.

The PCR-LAMP HiLab test is confirmatory and has a wide window of detection that is ideal for identifying infected people, including asymptomatic ones. Its performance is indicated from the 3rd to the 15th day after exposure or from the 1st to the 10th day after the onset of symptoms.

Detected analytes: SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA.
Method: Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP).
Sample Type: Nasopharyngeal secretion.
Total exam time: Up to 1 hour.
Specificity: >98,8%
Sensitivity: >92%
Accuracy: >97%

How to interpret the HiLab PCR-LAMP test result for COVID-19


Possible absence of coronavirus infection. However, false negatives are possible, especially if the sample was collected at a very early or late stage of infection.


Possible coronavirus infection. The result indicates that the genetic material of the virus was detected in the analyzed sample.

Important: In both cases, the patient must contact the physician to assess the diagnostic approach.

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In addition to the molecular biology exam, HiLab also offers other solutions for fast diagnosis of the infection: the IgM and IgG RLT - which detects antibodies - and the Antigen RLT - which detects viral proteins.

Hire HiLab’s PCR-LAMP test for COVID-19

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RT-LAMP?

LAMP stands for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP), a technique in which genetic material is amplified at a single temperature, using a DNA polymerase enzyme with strip-peeling activity, in addition to primers designed to form strands of the DNA strand (loops). This technique is widely used for diagnosing infectious diseases and is analogous to RT-PCR.

What are the similarities and differences between the RT-PCR exam and the RT-LAMP exam?

Like RT-PCR, the RT-LAMP technique also uses nasopharyngeal or saliva secretion samples. In both techniques, reactions are induced to perform reverse transcription (RT) and an amplification phase, in which specific regions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are replicated millions of times. This is how the two tests indicate, through detectable or undetectable results, whether the individual has COVID-19 or not. The RT-PCR exam has limitations such as the need for high purity samples, highly trained personnel, sophisticated sample processing facilities, and access to expensive laboratory equipment. In the case of RT-LAMP, the fact that the process is carried out in an isothermal environment, without the changes in temperature normally required for PCR, makes the procedure more accessible and faster.

Does the test detect whether the person has had COVID-19?

No. The HiLab PCR-LAMP test detects viral RNA and therefore assesses whether the person has COVID-19 at that moment, not before. For this purpose, we recommend testing for Coronavirus IgM and IgG, which detects the presence of antibodies.

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